Saturday, February 28, 2009

My brotha

well this is my brother Jay.We r unsepberable.Hes crazy but when u need him hes right there in a heartbeat.If u fuck w/ me u gonna have to deal w/ him.It has happend!
Jays gf has caused sooo many promblems.Jay had to go back to city.I am not dealing w/ it well.
I hate it when he leaves cuz then I have to deal w/ my brother Rickey.I cant stand him.
Hes soo outt to get me n Jay not to talk!!!
Well I Miss Jay n I wish he would come back!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My bros kool tattoo

This is my brothers tattoo.Its like really kool.I still don't get the pourpse of it but hey hes a dork LOL!!!JK!

Photo Tag

Chrissy photo taged me or wutever u call it.U need to go to ur pics n go to the 6 folder n take the 6 picture then describe it.

Okay this is a picture of my bro Jay n his gf.Idk wut to say cuz I want to be nice!LOL!IDK srry!Its just a occward picture!

Photo Tag

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Memories of 2008

Friends Come And Go But Family Stays Forever!

This year has been kinda rough on the whole family.But were all working and getting by.We have all stuck together.But I have learned to the good with the bad and take it one day at a time,even when things seem impossible.These pictures are just the best in my opion of me,my brother Jay and my lil cutie cousin Vanessa=]

This is my brother Jay and Vanessa.Vanessa is only six and the things she says it's soo funny.

She Can put a smile on anyones face=]

This picture is the best picture of 2008!Its funny cuz at y house Jays room used to be blue.He painted it!!!!ITS WHITE!!Its soo funny.Jays room at his dads house is now blue!!This is such a long story!!!

left -> Right
Me Pat and Ash!
Pat is my boyfriend and he is so caring and lovling! And Ash is my bffl and I miss them soo much,but we all stay in touch even though I moved!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet 16 party for my cousin Krystal

Well,my brother Jay lives in East Brooklyn.We have been going though some hard times so he doent live w/ us anymore.We had alot of good times together and I love him to death.I sadly missed the party cuz I do not live in the city.I am waiting for more pictures.But it looked like a really fun party from sum of the other pics!

My doggie Lubby

I have no clue where I got the name Lubby from.But he is soo adorable.I love him soo much!
This is my brother Jay's girlfrind Kelly.Lubby just got outta the tub and Kelly decided to hair-dry him.Lubby was scared and it was funny!